First Batch Countdown

First Batch
First batch will be run by randomizer list within our Facebook closed group. We will turn off New Member registration for this period. Above counter is based on Japan Standard Time.
Second Batch
Promist Web shop and a few selected retailers will start taking your orders in this period. We are aiming to set a release date at end of July, 2018. (next month!)
Third Batch
It depends on the first and second batch result, but we hope we can add more retailers from all around the world. We are aiming to release third batch around end of August.

Femto is a single coil squonk ready RDA with direct bottom airflow. The direct bottom airflow is the same concept as its predecessor, the Pico V2, which provides a rich and silky vapor production in MTL to Semi-DL setup. The largest airflow is 3mm underneath the coil is equivalent to Pico V2 wide open, so you can enjoy direct lung hit without almost no inhale hesitation. Femto also comes with stainless steel MTL pin to provide 1.5mm tighter draw for MTL focused users.


The air directly comes underneath the coil to maximize the efficiency of the airflow. As a result, you get rich and silky vapor production every hit. In short, you can enjoy “Pico” intense flavor on your Femto BF.


There is a crank shaped narrow juice path hidden beneath the deck, and the juice will split exactly 50% on each side of the deck. With this crank design, the juice will not leak if you hold the Femto upside down.


You can change the air outlet size from normal 3.0mm down to 1.5mm by using SS MTL Plug, to generate more intense flavor.


A few options for cosmetic extras will be available for the Femto BF. The Ultem and Black Peek Cap/AFC have the same function as the stock top cap, also with heat reduction feature for lower ohm setups. A regular positive pin is also available for non-squonk devices




  • Diameter 22mm x 28mm height (without 510 connector)
  • Screw in top cap
  • Black PEEK driptip included
  • Adjustable air hole 5.5mm x 2mm cyclops
  • Direct bottom airflow (3mm)
  • Removable MTL plug included (airflow 1.5mm)
  • Regular positive pin is not included (sold separately)
  • Spare parts bag: Oring x 2, wire screw x2


  • Main body and top cap: SUS304 (brushed finish)
  • AFC ring: SUS304 (polished finish)
  • Driptip: Black PEEK
  • Internal deck: SUS304 and Black PEEK
  • MTL plug: SUS304
  • BF pin: SUS304
  • Oring: Silicone

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